Story - Diverse Sources

During lab you collected quotes with an exercise called Diverse Sources. As a lab, we posted those quotes on the class blog. Now you will use those interviews and the topic of those interviews as the basis for story assignment.

The focus of this assignment is on how to paraphrase and quote sources and transition between sources. You will write a complete story with a lead, body and conclusion.

Select quotes and accompanying information from six of the sources collected by your lab. Using the information provided, write a paraphrase and a quote for each source. Do your best to transition between the sources as you work from paragraph to paragraph. You must use six sources from the class source list. You may elect to use more than one quote from a source, but you still must use six sources. When selecting the sources, consider the best quotes, the diversity of the sources and the diversity of the information.

You will post your story on your class blog.  Include an appropriate headline with your story in the title box.

Submitting your story for grading
To submit your story for grading, find the story assignment on TRACS and copy the URL of your blog entry into the assignment space. To copy the URL of just your blog post, click on your blog post headline. That will bring up just your blog post. Then copy the URL from the Web address line and paste that URL on the TRACS assignment. 

Details are also posted in TRACS/assignments.

Additional resources
For a refresher on how to handle paraphrases and quotes, refer to the Learning Module on the MC1313 TRACS site. You may also click here for a sample use of paraphrases and quotes. The textbook also has information about this.

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