Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sample Use of Paraphrase and Quotes

Paragraph 1: Source A paraphrase
Paragraph 2: Source A quote
Paragraph 3: Source B paraphrase, including a natural transition that moves the reader from Source A to Source B
Paragraph 4: Source B quote
Paragraph 5: Source C paraphrase with transition from B
Paragraph 6: Source C quote

Sample paragraphs:
The economy has not affected biology major Carolina Vera, but she is still trying to be more aware of how she spends money.
"I think college students should start saving money even if we don't have much to begin with. It is never too early to start saving,” said Vera, a junior from Eagle Pass. “I don't think it's the government's job to bail us out of this problem."
Junior fashion merchandizing major Natalie Huffman said she had a savings account a year ago, but she has exhausted her reserves since her father lost his job.
“My mom told me they just can’t help me with college right now, so I am doing the best I can,” Huffman said. “I had to get a job, but I know I was fortunate to find one.”
(The next paraphrase might be another student who says he has found ways to save money.)

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